Application Instructions

Things you will need to make the application easier: 1: Scissors 2: Painters tape/masking tape 3: Level 4: Tape measure 5: Credit card or similar object

1) Clean your wall or surface: Be sure that the surface you are applying the decal to is smooth, completely dry and free of dust and dirt.

2) Preparing your Vinyl Decal for application: Your decal is in one piece for easy application, but has 3 different layers. The application tape, the vinyl decal, and the backing paper (hard paper behind the graphic). Lay your decal on a flat surface, graphic side up. Remove any air bubbles by rubbing on just the vinyl graphic portion of the decal with your fingers. Once you have removed all the air bubbles, press firmly over the entire decal with the edge of a credit card or similar object.

3) Planning your layout: Arrange your decal on the surface using painters tape or masking tape (on the top edges only). DO NOT remove the backing paper until you are happy with your layout.

4) Apply the Vinyl Art **Do not use Water**

**Do not allow the application paper to stick to anything other than the intended surface**

Flip the decal up and starting from any corner and slowly peel the backing paper away from the application tape. The decal should be sticking to the tape. If any of the decal remains stuck to the backing paper, STOP immediately. Firmly press that portion of the backing paper and the application tape back together and repeat until the decal sticks to the application tape. Slowly continue peeling as you lower your decal against the surface. Once the decal is stuck to the surface, carefully rub across is with your hand. Then use your credit card or similar object to finish the application by rubbing over the entire graphic to remove any air bubbles. Carefully pull off the application tape making sure that the decal is sticking to your surface. If the decal does not stick to the surface in any area, STOP immediately. Firmly press the decal back on the surface and rub with your finger. Continue removing the application tape from decal until the decal is successfully stuck to surface.

*If placing on bottom of shoes, soles may become slick when placed on forefoot or heel. Decal is best when placed on the arch of shoe.